„From The Past” Game

„From The Past” Game 24 lutego 2016 admin Grafika [:en]I’m author of all graphics in „From the Past” point’n’click game. Game is in development stage, yet. Will be released for all popular platforms- mobile and desktop. You can find some more details on website: here [:pl]Jestem autorem całej strony graficznej gry. Gra jest w stanie […]

Mobile Game 2D Graphics Design

Mobile Game 2D Graphics Design 21 kwietnia 2015 admin Grafika Mobile Game 2D Graphics Design. I made backgrounds and all flying objects (sprite sheets) in background (plane, UFO, hang-glider etc). Game is simple – rules are to drop ball into the pool with water. You can install and play it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fulminesoftware.myjump     Podobne […]